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A title screen from Board Master

Board Master is a multi-player strategy door game for bulletin board systems in which players become virtual sysops, running simulated bulletin boards.

Board Master is one of several meta-BBS games in which users get a chance to experience what it's like to be a sysop. Players try attract callers to their BBSes by upgrading their computer hardware, answering emails and messages, adding door games, or advertising. They have to deal with maintenance issues and avoid problems like viruses.

Board Master is multi-player, so players compete against one another to build the best BBS. Players can sabotage each other's BBSes by hacking or uploading a virus. The first player to reach 100,000 points wins the game.

Beginning with version 2, Board Master also has an inter-BBS mode.

Board Master was created in 1995 by Tom Wiseman of Heavenware Software. In 1997, the game was sold to F.U.S.S. Software.



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