Food Fight

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Title screen from the WWIV version of Food Fight

Food Fight is the name of a series of multi-player door games for bulletin board systems.

Food Fight takes the traditional trappings of an RPG and sets them in an elementary school cafeteria. Celebrated as "silly fun"[1], Food Fight allows players to throw food at one another, rather than fight to the death.

One early iteration of Food Fight was written by "Rigor Mortis" as a "chain" for WWIV BBSes in the 1980s. His version 2.00c was released in 1987.

Michael Wilson of Compufax Software wrote and maintained a popular flavor of "Food Fight" during the years 1992-95. In his documentation, Wilson credited David Clifford with the idea for the game, saying he had been inspired by the "PIE SPLAT" door. Wilson's version of Food Fight was compatible with a wide range of BBS software. In 1993, he created a Food Fight Editor to allow sysops to edit or customize any part of the game.

Later in the 1990s, Carl Tice created "Food Fight II", an authorized 32-bit port of Wilson's "Food Fight" for the Wc5 platform.


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