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Main menu screen from PimpWars v1.52

PimpWars is a prostitution-themed empire-building strategy door game for bulletin board systems in which the player assumes the role of a pimp. The object of the game is to amass enough money to buy a restaurant called "Flaming Sheinen's."


PimpWars was created by Paul J. Martino of Ahpah Software in 1990 for WWIV, Opus, and Wildcat bulletin board systems. Martino was 14 years old at the time, and supported the game through at least 1992. In 1994, Martino released a sequel, PimpWars II.

By 2000, development of the original PimpWars had passed to James Coyle, the author of Mystic BBS. Coyle updated the game and created versions for DOS, Windows, and Linux.


In 2016, historian Benj Edwards called PimpWars "the perfect game for a teenage boy to play on a BBS back in the 1990s," citing the game's "off-color theme" and "surprisingly deep gameplay."[1]

A later browser-based game called "PimpWar" based on similar themes was published on the website in 2000. The game's website early on included a notice that it was not the same as Martino's "PimpWars" door game. The site appears to have gone offline in 2020.

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