STellar Chaos

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STellar Chaos
Publisher(s) Redwulf Software
Designer(s) Roger M. Thomas
Platform(s) Atari ST
Release date(s) 1989-1991
Genre(s) Multiplayer online turn-based strategy games
Media/distribution 3.5" Floppy Disk or Hard Disk
System requirements

256K RAM, Modem, Terminal Software

STellar Chaos is an online multiplayer strategy door game for Atari ST bulletin board systems.

Written in GFA Basic by Roger M. Thomas, and distributed as a compiled executable, it was one of the few Atari online games available to BBS operators in the early 1990s. It was available up to version 1.52 in a shareware version with limited functionality, or in a registered version which unlocked all of the game features.

Its ability to output ANSI art character graphics was unique amongst Atari ST door games and it could handle a user definable number of online game participants.

It was released into the public domain and can be found on many Atari ST compilation CDs, namely the Crawly Crypt Archives, and Crawly Crypt Collection - Vol. 1 compiled by James L. Collins and published by The Crawly Crypt Corporation.

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  • Crawly Crypt Archives, James L. Collins, 1995
  • Crawly Crypt Collection - Vol. 1, James L. Collins, 1994