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Ultimate Universe is a strategy door game for bulletin board systems similar to Trade Wars 2002.

Players in Ultimate Universe engage in space exploration and trading.

Some the game's unique features include programmable keyboard macros and the ability to move a player's ship to another BBS.[1]

Ultimate Universe was first released in 1991 by Garth Bigelow of TopherSoft Engineering.


  1. Baker, Derek; Wice, Nathaniel, eds. (1994). netgames. Michael Wolff & Company. p. 146. ISBN 0-679-75592-6. Well thought-out space-conquest game, with good online help and programmable keyboard macros to make your journey a bit smoother. Also, you can pick up your ship and move it to another BBS! A neat feature if your board isn't challenging enough for you -- or, for that matter, if you've been roughed up too often and want to give peace a chance! 

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