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A title screen from Falcon's Eye

Falcon's Eye or FE is a multi-player strategy door game for bulletin board systems . The game was created by Mehul Patel, author of Barren Realms Elite, but is now owned by John Dailey Software.

Gameplay is similar to BRE in a different setting. In Falcon's Eye, a player controls a county within a mythical, medieval world. Players must develop their county's economy, employ their people, construct buildings, create a military and expand their lands.

Falcon's Eye has more variables than BRE. A player's county can belong to one of many races; workers can be employed in various types of jobs; different buildings may be built on a county's land; and various types of spells may be cast.

Players compete for the "Falcon's Eye," a glass eye from a famous sculpture of a falcon. It is awarded each day to the player with the highest score. The player who possesses the Eye gains several advantages over other players, though his population will become more demanding, which results in a lower approval rating.


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